Alternate Dispute Resolution - ADR

A committee appointed by the Board of Trustees which, based upon requests from the Community Manager, investigates situations where residents have been charged with violating the Accociation  Consolidated Declaration, Bylaws, or Rules and Regulations. Acts as a first level of appeal and works with these residents in an attempt to help mediate and resolve violations. Advises the Board of Trustees when all attempts at resolution have failed.

Advisory Committee 

An ad hoc commmittee of five members chosen by the Board of Trustees to provide counsel in all aspects of Board responsibilities, including the day to day operations of the Community, as well as long range planning. Also responsible for conducting Trustee elections and Association referenda.

Architectural Control Committee

A committee of five members selected by the Board of Trustees. Responsible for insuring the aesthetic quality of all structures and areas, as well as to assure conformity to the ordinances of Southampton Township and the Rules and Regulations of LeisureTowne.

Audio Visual Committee

Oversees the use and maintenance of the audio visiual equipment in all of the community halls. Ensures that any club or group using the equipment is trained in its use. Recommends any upgrades or improvements to the systems.

Communication Committee

An ad hoc committee that is responsible for the distribution of the Trustees' Corner and Monthly Calendar to all LeisureTowne residents.

Compliance Committee

Reports on resident violations of the Covenants and/or Rules and Regulations.

Crisis Response Committee

An ad hoc committee that operates at the direction, and in cooperation with, the Southampton Township Office of Emergency Management. Its aim is to serve the residents of LeisureTowne in emergency situations. The Security Trustee is responsible for this committee.

Document Review Committee

An ad hoc committee that is responsible for reviewing and updating the governing documents of LeisureTowne.

Library Committee

Responsible for maintaining the quality, timeliness, and orderly display of the books, magazines, and games in the libraries in Laurel Hall and Settlers Hall. The committee reviews all donated materials for suitability as library materials.

Neighborhood Watch

A group of volunteers who ride or walk throughout the Community to report on any incidents that might lead to criminal activity. Individual owners or the State Police are then notified as appropriate. Each volunteer performs this service for a set period of hours as scheduled by month.

Recreation Committee

This committee functions through numerous standing and ad hoc subcommittees to plan and excute the community recreational programs. The recreational activities are described in Section V-D of the handbook.

Security Committee

A committee of at least three members chosen by the Board of Trustees to work with the Community Manager and the Security Trustee to monitor the performance of the guard service and other security matters. Cooperates with the State Police and Neighborhood Watch in monitoring the overall security of LeisureTowne by investigating reports of violations of residents' safety and recommending corrective action by the Board of Trustees.

Swimming Pool Committee

Responsible for overseeing the operations of the two community pools. Ensures the availability of volunteers to act as pool monitors. Works with the Community Manager to insure proper maintenance of the pools, pool equipment, and pool furniture.

Tennis Committee

An ad hoc committee that oversees the maintenance and use of the tennis courts and equipment. Ensures compliance with the established regulations for the use of the courts. May provide lessons on how to play tennis.

Transportation Committee

This ad hoc committee of at least three members appointed by the Board of Trustees to work with the Community Manager, Security and Transportation Trustees to assure the availability of the bus and operators, to monitor bus operations, and insure prudent expenditures of funds. Also working with the Activities Trustee to broaden and vary the scope of service and use of vehicles to the best advantage.

Association Office
102 South Plymouth Court
Southampton, NJ 


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